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Awakinn: The One Stop Solution

Alright, folks! Here we are at the inception. The inception of Awakinn. Awakinn, the one stop solution for coders. Coders who don’t just want to code, but for those, who really dig coding. We’re pretty sure, you’re aware of what coding is. No? Umm..No worries, google it! You’ll get what you’re looking for. BUT— and in case if you haven’t noticed, the BUT here is in CAPS — ask yourself, just reading a line or two, or even a paragraph is enough if you actually want to know what coding is ? We believe you’re shaking your head, because if not, then that’s a big issue. Why? Because baby, that’s what exactly is what we are here for. We don’t claim to be a messiah or anything, but it’s high time that we need to address some things that we all are practising wrongly and whether we accept or not, we’re going downhill. Awakinn was put into collaboration, not because it was a unique idea, but because it genuinely is a game-changer. And the motive being bringing a chan