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Awakinn: The One Stop Solution

Alright, folks!

Here we are at the inception. The inception of Awakinn. Awakinn, the one stop solution for coders. Coders who don’t just want to code, but for those, who really dig coding.

We’re pretty sure, you’re aware of what coding is. No? Umm..No worries, google it! You’ll get what you’re looking for. BUT— and in case if you haven’t noticed, the BUT here is in CAPS— ask yourself, just reading a line or two, or even a paragraph is enough if you actually want to know what coding is?

We believe you’re shaking your head, because if not, then that’s a big issue.
Because baby, that’s what exactly is what we are here for.

We don’t claim to be a messiah or anything, but it’s high time that we need to address some things that we all are practising wrongly and whether we accept or not, we’re going downhill.

Awakinn was put into collaboration, not because it was a unique idea, but because it genuinely is a game-changer. And the motive being bringing a change in the existing model of learning.
The path of the current Education System is broken, and it’s not only risky, but lethal to keep walking on that dangerous path.

Now, we’re not claiming to disrupt the existing model, but at best, we put ourselves in providing a safe-kit while you walk the path, because hey, protection is necessary!
And the current scenario is to touch the sky, you must score high
  • Yes, that’s exist, but only in the educational institution. Post college, your mark-sheets and grades are just like the ‘UEUE’ in QUEUE.

So, the question that concerning is: what exactly matters?
And in defense, we say: you already know it.
You just had a glimpse of it, a few lines and paragraphs above, when you witnessed ‘What is coding?’

That precisely, what Awakinn is. Just reading a thing or two won’t make you an expert on anything. We intend to inculcate a new path in the Education System by exercising the practical way of learning, i.e. learn through making.
To drive, you better get your hands on the steering wheel and to swim, jumping in the water is the best way. And all the other ways, only drag you down.

At Awakinn, we are focused on the coding realm. Like living an artistic life is not easy, same is the case with coders. It’s not like having a laptop and sitting in a dump and carrying out the work.
The strings of the guitar, the bass and a noiseless ambiance, all need to go hand in hand to create a masterpiece.

Likewise, it is what coders need. To begin with, an environment. A supporting environment, precisely. There is a reason why patients are immediately put in ICU, because in a neat and clean environment, the harmful bacteria and viruses can’t survive.

The Developer Hub of Awakinn is a fully functional space for coders to come in and connect with other like-minded coders and work on any technological framework of their choice and that too, under professional guidance on all seven days of the week.

Yeah, we know, it’s a fantasy, but it does exist in real. It’s a dream come true.

At Awakinn, we eat and drink bits and bytes & churn out codes like plants perform photosynthesis, but we’re better. We operate 24x7.

It may sound like bragging and flaunting, but it’s not what it is. It’s just how we are. 
The coders.
No, the dead coders at work!
So, that’s it for now.

To know more, you know where to find us and feel free to catch up with us, anytime. Literally.

Hakuna Matata!



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